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Independence – now, that’s living.

Welcome to Prosperous Home Care where we believe in bringing compassionate, quality medical care right into the sanctuary of your home. Our mission, “Caring Beyond Health,” encapsulates our dedication to not only meet the medical needs of our clients but to also enrich their lives with warmth and companionship. Join us in our commitment to excellence in home care, where your loved ones’ well-being is our utmost priority.

Independence – now, that’s living.

Caring for an aging population is why we’re here. But making sure each individual benefits from the dignity and freedom of independent living is what we’re all about.
At Prosperous Home Health, our goal is to strive to make an impact on the lives of those affected by aging themselves or in their loved ones through compassionate care and highly trained staff and support. Our desire to improve the lives of the beneficiaries of our services crosses over to our team, as well. We maintain an excellent roster thanks to our competitive pay and benefits and respectful time management and schedule flexibility.


Almost all families will eventually notice a
parent or other elderly relative
experiencing some level of forgetfulness.
This type of cognitive decline is a normal
part of the aging process and usually not a
concern. However, the degree and pace at
The CAREgivers by Active Generations is a
501(c)(3) organization dedicated to
increasing the knowledge, attitudes, and
practices of a diverse mix of professionals
works with medical clinics, senior centers,
hospitals, nursing services, health
We are excited to talk about our New
Position!! - Community Caregiver
We are expanding into Rural and Urban Communities throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota
Informal Discussion of CCC:
Community Caregiver Coordinator

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